Topic: MDB Dataden Pinned left and custom cell renderer unable to coexist

sutro_biopharma priority asked 2 weeks ago

Expected behavior

I would expect that making a column pinned left and using a custom renderer would have no effect on one another

Actual behavior

When using a custom renderer on a column that is pinned left the custom renderer is ignored. When the pinned left is omitted the custom renderer works as expected. This even happens when you choose to pin after the page has initially been loaded.

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

sutro_biopharma priority commented 2 weeks ago

It appears after further testing that this happens specifically when pinning any column such that the column using the custom rendering has to be rearranged or moved. So if you have 5 columns and custom rendering on column 3, then when you pin left columns 1 or 2 it is ok but if you pin left column 4 or 5 it breaks the custom rendering

sutro_biopharma priority commented 2 weeks ago

Related to this when you have a column you have made larger using the "width" and you then pin it, it displays the data as taking up only the width of the column it replaced.

Filip Kapusta premium answered 1 week ago

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