Topic: MDB4 Timepicker doesn't allow 12:00 PM

jaimefuhr free asked 1 year ago

Using MDB 4.19.1

Users are unable to set the time to 12:00 PM because the DONE button remains disabled.

When the timepicker appears, it is set to 12:00 AM. Clicking PM does not enable the DONE button.

The workaround is to: 1. Click PM 2. Click on 00 in the minutes 3. Click DONE

The issue is that if you only change the AM/PM, the DONE button does not enable.

Marcin Luczak staff answered 1 year ago


Thank you for your report and workaround. I'll add it to our issue list but as you are talking about 'done' buttons in the Timepicker I assume you are using this version that was introduced before MDB 4.16.0 and may be not developed anymore. I would recommend you to pick newer version of timepicker where this bug does not occur or switch to the MDB5 version that contains a more stable version of the Timepicker and also has jquery support.

Keep coding, Marcin

jaimefuhr free commented 1 year ago

Hi. I checked the JS file and the version we are using is:

/*! * Material Design for Bootstrap 4 * Version: MDB PRO 4.19.1 * * If I switch to MDB5, will that require us to upgrade Bootstrap to version 5? Our project is using Bootstrap 4.

Marcin Luczak staff commented 1 year ago

Yes, MDB5 uses Bootstrap 5. If you don't want to switch to MDB5 you can still use the newer Timepicker from the MDB4 The one you are using now (the one with the 'done' button) is just an older version of the Timepicker inside the MDB4 package.

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  • User: Free
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