Topic: Mobile Menu Doesn\'t Close/Hide with Selection

normduquette pro asked 6 years ago

On mobile device, menu does not close after selecting item.Example: click hamburger menu, tap item, menu stays open - need to tap hamburger again to hide menu.

rl pro answered 6 years ago

I think this is "by design" from bootstrap - check at I solved this by $('.navbar-collapse').removeClass('show') on click events of menu items.

normduquette pro commented 6 years ago

Thanks, I got it to work I tried one way and then tried your method, both worked the same: To help others out, just add one of the following methods between the script tags at the bottom of the page <pre>//close mobile menu on click - method 1 $('.navbar-nav>li>a').on('click', function(){ $('.navbar-collapse').collapse('hide'); }); //close mobile menu on click - method 2 $('.navbar-nav>li>a').on('click', function(){ $('.navbar-collapse').removeClass('show'); });</pre>

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