Topic: This slow website make me crazy!!!

yslim free asked 4 years ago

This site is not free.

I payed for getting information from here.

My blood pressure goes up every time I visit this website.

How long should I wait for this website to work properly?

catgirlsec free answered 4 years ago

It's not a perfect substitute but if the site isn't working at all the docs are available on GitHub ( You could search through them that way.

A generated PDF of the docs would be nice to include for situations like this.

On a side note, we've been using the free version of MDBootstrap at my workplace and may be purchasing a license to MDB Pro in the near future. it's working out really nicely so far for us.

jfcherng free commented 4 years ago

But the docs on github is kind of "plain text". No script. No styling. So no preview and not interactive. :(

ribomation pro answered 4 years ago

I agree. This website is unacceptable slow.

Several year ago, I was running our product-web as a wordpress site on Amazon AWS EC2/RDS. For some time I endured the bot-net attacks. I migrated wp from Apache httpd to nginx, which improved the performance and reduced the number of crashes. But it was still a struggling situation.

Eventually, I rewrote the whole site into a static HTML web and deployed it to Amazon AWS S3/CloudFront. It was during that rewrite I found MDB. Later I migrated to Google Firebase.

I kindly suggest the MDB team to:

  1. Extract the MDB documentation into one or more HTML bundles. Preferable, one per framework, i.e. Angular, jQuery, React, ...
  2. Provide thees docs to paying customers
  3. Host the docs also at Firebase Hosting

Consider, skip wp and rewrite the back-end parts in Express.js/mysql and run it on AWS or Google GCP or Cloud-Run. Or go full Firebase using Firestore, Functions, Hosting etc.

Just, don't left us paying customers with a hard-to-access user-documentation!

jfcherng free answered 4 years ago

Do we have offline documents?

We are struggling with a series of serious DDoS attacks recently.

Since I bought MDB Pro months ago, this WordPress site has been always slow like it is now. Not only "recently".

Sebastian Kaczmarek staff answered 4 years ago

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. We are struggling with a series of serious DDoS attacks recently. We are doing our best to filter out the intrusive traffic (that's why sometimes valid users get banned btw) but it still has an impact on the website performance. I'm afraid that all I can do is ask you for patience. We really are aware of the poor performance in recent days and we are doing everything we can to make it better. So again, please be patient. We apologize for this.

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