What percentage does Apple take if anything?


Topic: What percentage does Apple take if anything?

bingoman88 asked 5 months ago

Can anyone tell me what Apple charges for purchases that are not software or in app purchases that the consumer buys and has delivered to their home or picked up at the brick and mortar location that the app represents?

Apple only addresses in app software purchases upgrades etc and lists them at 30% but in an example like Costco to be delivered to me or i could pick it up at my local store- if I bought something on the app from Costco would Apple take a percentage of that purchase?- there is no clear cut answer on the I store site unless I missed it- thanks

Mateusz Leciejewski staff pro commented 5 months ago

@bingoman88 Could you please specify your question. I'm not sure I'm getting it right or even if this case concerns us.

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