Any update regarding Nuxt?

Topic: Any update regarding Nuxt?

Zendrex pro asked 6 months ago

I saw about 3 months ago, a user asked about Nuxt. At the time the response was that Nuxt isnt supported. Well its 3+ months later, I thought I would ask regarding it. I'm wanting to do some user authentication between Express/Vue for a steam application, and I would love to use MDBVue for it (part of the reason I purchased it).
Hi there Zendrex, Welcome to our domain. To answer your question shortly: no, and to provide some context: for the last three months we have been developing MDB Vue for it to include all the necessary components and tweaks for us to be able to call it a full-fledged MDB package, so no, nothing changed since then. But! The feedback we're getting is ensuring us it would be great move, so yeah, I personally will be suggesting it while coming up with new development directions. So yeah, I would say it is coming, but just not right now. To speed up the process, we are more than eager to accept pull requests and suggestions to make it work. With Best of Regards, Kuba

Hi there @silencekillsdesign ,

Since my initial response half a year ago the voice of request has only grown stronger. Next week we are having introductory talks about the feature and discussions about possible changes we would have to implement in the package. It's on the menu, drawing near, surely a direction for us to follow. The Vue team is will be all over it once known bugs are dealt with. May the SSR be with you!

Watch this space for updates.


I would love to see it. I am trying to hack around it right now with little success. I agree tho. Part of the reason I purchased it was to use it in Nuxt Projects.


Michael Wills pro answered a day ago

Just a note that I am able to use it though not as convenient as it could be. Mostly the fact that I can't import components directly from `mdbvue`. Instead it has to be from `../node_modules/mdbvue/src/components/` like



import { mdbIcon } from '../../node_modules/mdbvue/src/components/Fa'


Some info here:


Thanks @Michael Wills, that's a great starting point for exploration. Will soon be dedicating sprints exclusively to overcome this limitation.

With Best Regards,

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