Topic: can't close / hide SideNav (Vue)

xdon82 free asked 4 years ago

SideNav should be closed when I click anything on page. When it's once opened, not possible to close it

Please provide solution ASAP

EDIT: I checked it better. No proper reaction on #sidenav-overlay click. I mean, sth happens on click but nothing more - no toggle enter image description here

I used your example from docs.

and here is another error:

[Vue warn]: The data property "waves" is already declared as a prop. Use prop default value instead.

xdon82 free answered 3 years ago

SOLVED. Regarding previous messages, the problem is in SideNav.vue file:

 handleOverlayClick() {
      this.$emit("update:OpenedFromOutside", !this.OpenedFromOutside);

it should be


Because, there is also error in component usage.You cant write like this:

 <mdb-side-nav logo="..." sideNavClass="sn-bg-4" mask="strong" :OpenedFromOutside.sync="toggleB" hidden right>

It should be:

 <mdb-side-nav logo="..." side-nav-class="sn-bg-4" mask="strong" :opened-from-outside.sync="toggleB" hidden right>

"update:OpenedFromOutside" - Since there is a string, it is incompatiblity with html attributes which are case insensitive. I wonder how the code works at all for some other users if they do not use kebab-cases.Very strange approach. If you were using Eslint (you should) you would know that kebab-case is mandatory as html attributes are case insensitive

Additionally your code have a lot of styling errors. No proper standard. You should correct everything including whole documentation (examples) ASAP

Magdalena Dembna staff commented 3 years ago

Thank you for your input. We will do our best to improve our library in the future. Kind regards, Magdalena

xdon82 free commented 3 years ago

based on what other guy from MDB staff said I'm not sure it's going to happen. I just wanted to help you to get rid of errors which are obvious.

xdon82 free commented 3 years ago

Vuetify example, take a look at update expression

Magdalena Dembna staff commented 3 years ago

Using kebab case instead of camel case is not a requirement. Strongly recommended is using camel case for props inside script tag and then kebab case in template (reference: I believe that if you follow the documentation, including the choice of the case, the code works as expected. If not - please include a code snippet so I could solve the problem. Kind regards, Magdalena

xdon82 free commented 3 years ago

You didn't understand what i wrote

""update:OpenedFromOutside" this is STRING. Vue won't change the name to opened-from-outside... or anything else. camel / kebab case is not valid here.... this is fixed name which is in conflict with camel / kebab case standard conversion when you do not use " " Propname can be prop-name"Propname" won't became "prop-name"

It should be like it's done in Vuetify

Install Eslint , I reckon you do not use it, and this is why we have that issue, or it's configured in not standard way

xdon82 free commented 3 years ago

"update:opened-from-outside" this is correct according to whole standards, especially when you use Eslint.

Magdalena Dembna staff commented 3 years ago

Thank you for your insight - however, changing this will break the backward compatibility, so it won't be done any time soon - not until the next major release. Kind regards, Magdalena.

xdon82 free answered 3 years ago

digitalmanagerguru: Regarding my previous answer, I've done the workaround in this way:

added @click="SideNavClick" to wrapping element

<section id="sidenav" @click="SideNavClick">

and added method:

   SideNavClick(event) {
      if ('#sidenav-overlay')) {

but, again, it's just workaround. Professional way is to correct a bug.

EDIT: workaround no more necessary, solution below.

digitalmanagerguru free answered 3 years ago

This topic of mine is related to this. I've found out the only way to make this work, it may help you:

xdon82 free commented 3 years ago

thx, I've made workaround to force it working. but it's not the point. For 90% there is a bug and they have to correct it. I've done it in the way showed in next post.

xdon82 free commented 3 years ago

BTW does sidenav hide when you click outside the menu? or it doesn't work like in my case?

xdon82 free commented 3 years ago

if it works for you, please tell me what kind of props name you use? Take a look at my last post. If you use those with capitals letters, then change it for a while to the ones with dashes and tell me if closing sidenav will stop working

digitalmanagerguru free commented 3 years ago

My sidenav hides, but I had your problem too, the code in the docs doesnt work. Period. The concept is different then the docs explains.

About props try to avoid any dash! it should be camelcase.

in html you've but then on vue props you put camelCase like: myPropName


xdon82 free commented 3 years ago

wrong. Html attributes are case insensitive. You should use Eslint. Normally it won't allow you to run a code with so stupid errors. Problem solved - check below

Magdalena Dembna staff answered 3 years ago

We will check if our documentation needs an update. Try using this code from our demo app and let me know if it works as it's supposed to:


              <section> -->
                <div class="text-center icon-div">
                  <mdb-icon icon="bars" size="3x" @click.native="toggleSideNav('B')"/>
              <div class="indigo-skin">
                <mdb-side-nav logo="" sideNavClass="sn-bg-4" mask="strong" :OpenedFromOutside.sync="toggleB" hidden right>
                      <ul class="social">
                        <li><a href="#" class="icons-sm fb-ic"><mdb-icon fab icon="facebook-f" /></a></li>
                        <li><a href="#" class="icons-sm pin-ic"><mdb-icon fab icon="pinterest-p" /></a></li>
                        <li><a href="#" class="icons-sm gplus-ic"><mdb-icon fab icon="google-plus-g" /></a></li>
                        <li><a href="#" class="icons-sm tw-ic"><mdb-icon fab icon="twitter" /></a></li>
                        <mdb-side-nav-cat name="Submit blog" icon="chevron-right">
                          <mdb-side-nav-item href="#">Submit listing</mdb-side-nav-item>
                          <mdb-side-nav-item href="#">Registration form</mdb-side-nav-item>
                        <mdb-side-nav-cat name="Instruction" far icon="hand-pointer">
                          <mdb-side-nav-item href="#">For bloggers</mdb-side-nav-item>
                          <mdb-side-nav-item href="#">For authors</mdb-side-nav-item>
                        <mdb-side-nav-cat name="About" icon="eye">
                          <mdb-side-nav-item href="#">Introduction</mdb-side-nav-item>
                          <mdb-side-nav-item href="#">Monthly meetings</mdb-side-nav-item>
                        <mdb-side-nav-cat name="Contact me" far icon="envelope">
                          <mdb-side-nav-item href="#">FAQ</mdb-side-nav-item>
                          <mdb-side-nav-item href="#">Write a message</mdb-side-nav-item>
                        <mdb-side-nav-item header icon="envelope" href="#">Write a message</mdb-side-nav-item>
                        <mdb-side-nav-item header icon="user" href="#" @click.native="toggleSideNav('B')">Profile</mdb-side-nav-item>
                        <mdb-side-nav-item header icon="cubes" href="" target="_blank">Official docs</mdb-side-nav-item>


          import { mdbSideNav, mdbSideNavNav, mdbSideNavCat, mdbSideNavItem, mdbContainer, mdbRow, mdbIcon, waves } from 'mdbvue';

          export default {
            name: 'SideNavPage',
            components: {
              return {
                toggleB: false,
            methods: {
              toggleSideNav(sn) {
            mixins: [waves]

xdon82 free commented 3 years ago

I've done it already ( I used your both versions ). Same problem no expected action on click on #sidenav-overlay


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