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Fiocre asked 3 years ago


i use an input example like this :

<mdb-btn color="danger" type="button" class="btn-block z-depth-2">Log in</mdb-btn>

I have see on this page ( in the MDB colors the "default-color" (#2BBBAD), so i trying this :

<mdb-btn color="default-color" type="button" class="btn-block z-depth-2">Log in</mdb-btn>

but no change, the button become white...

I don't understand how to change color of button (and all items).

And if i want a specific color #xxxxxx, how i can do ?Can i override the default color per example with an custom.scss ? If yes do you have example ?


Magdalena Dembna staff premium answered 3 years ago

Hi, You can find examples how to style buttons here: . Your code doesn't work because it's should look like this: code="default". If you wish to use your own color, the simplest way would be to add your own css class.

    <mdb-btn class="custom">Hi!</mdb-btn>
import { mdbBtn } from 'mdbvue';
export default {
    components: {
<style scoped>
    .custom {
        background-color: #....;

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