Topic: Custom validations on blur event - not triggering until first form submit

eladhr83 free asked 4 years ago

Hi ,

When we register a custom input validator the first the user is using the form the validation not executing and we needed to add blur action and trigger the validation. but upon trying form submit with errors , then the form behave as accepted and all validation are triggered in blur event .

Best, Elad.

Magdalena Dembna staff commented 4 years ago

Hi, In order to help you, I will need more details - firstly, what kind of custom validation? Can share your code with me? I understand that your form submits even though some input fields haven't passed a validation? I can also see that the other developer for our team sent you a code snippet with the integration of VeeValidation & mdbInput - I assume that this snippet wasn't helpful? Kind regards, Magdalena

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