Topic: datatable data columns don't line up with header columns

Mike Barlow free asked 4 years ago

I'm trying to use a datatable with the scrollY option:

    <!-- This is the Results Data Table -->
        striped bordered fixed scrollY responsiveSm
        maxHeight="200px" :tfoot='false' 
        @selectRow='selectRow' />

If there's enough data to display the table body with a scroll bar it works (almost) ok (I found that looking in the Datatable.vue source that there is a hard coded padding-right of 15 pixels which generates a small error on my screen that is eliminated if I set the padding-right to 17 pixels, but that's not the main issue)

See first 2 screenshots...

However, if there's not enough data to display the body with a scroll bar then the columns in the heading start becoming skewed. The more columns the more skewed they become.

See screenshot 3

I experimented and if I eliminated the padding-right completely in this case (no scrollbar) everything lines up perfectly fine no matter how many columns. See screenshot 4

So I'm experimenting with a "hack" to try and change the padding-right depending on whether or not the mdb-tbl-body has the scollbar displayed, but can't seem to find an event to trigger off of.

mounted seems like the logical choice but when I break on mounted the mdb-tbl-body has no data in it no matter how much data is actually sent (and hence there's no scrollbar).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is stopping a rollout of my application.


Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.) enter image description here Datatable with scrollbar on table body

enter image description here Datatable source with hard coding of padding-right of 15 px

enter image description here Datatable with NO scrollbar on table body showing headings skewing padding-righ=15px

enter image description here Datatable with NO scrollbar on table body showing headings aligned padding-righ=0px

Magdalena Dembna staff commented 4 years ago

This component was updated in the latest release, so this skewing shouldn't occur anymore - the code with hard-coded padding is outdated (as you can inspect with dev tools here: Can you confirm that you're using 6.5.0 version? Kind regards, Magdalena

Mike Barlow free commented 4 years ago

Thank you Magdalena, you are right I was using 6.4.0 not 6.5.0. The issue does not present itself once I upgraded to 6.5.0

Thanks for the quick response.

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