Datatable - how to add row custom template (add action butto

Topic: Datatable - how to add row custom template (add action button)

eladhr83 asked 2 years ago

Expected behavior Datatable - be able to use functionality just as basic table handling , pagination , filters while be able to add custom templates - such as for each row add mdbootstrap button that on click we will be able to get the ref of the selected row.

Actual behavior Didn't saw any relevant API /Code example

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

Mikołaj Smoleński staff answered 2 years ago

Hi there,

Here's an external API integration advanced example:

Also, to add custom HTML content you can just push it to your rows object. Here's an example:

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  • Technology: MDB Vue
  • MDB Version: 6.4.0
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  • Browser: chrome
  • OS: Ubuntu
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