Topic: Datatable is "caching" data until it's selected

Mike Barlow free asked 4 years ago

I seem to be having a problem with a straight forward mdbdatatable where I send it a block of data (which it displays perfectly fine) then when I send it a different block of data (same format just different values) the datatable renders the OLD data.

Until I click on the data table. At which point it renders the new data correctly...

Here's a screenshot of the code: enter image description here

Here's the first set of data: enter image description here Here's the first set of data:

And here's the second set of data: enter image description here

Notice the data rendered above the datatable has only 2 rows of data but the datatable has much more.

Then all I have to do is "Click" on the rendered datatable for the data to be rendered correctly: enter image description here

Is there any way to "clear" the datatable prior to sending the new set of data? Also, in checking for accessibility it looks like I can't "tab" into the datatable or any of the controls (my client is a US Gov't client so the application MUST pass a 508 validation check).


ozgehan premium answered 4 years ago

Hi, I did it like this. hope it helps

//data part
 permissionDgList: {
    columns: [
        label: "",
        field: "isActive",
        sort: "asc"
        label: this.$t("Name"),
        field: "name",
        sort: "asc"
    rows: []

**** methods part *** 
    while (ths.permissionDgList.rows.length > 0) {

// add new data to rows.

Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 4 years ago

Thanks @ozgehan for Your help. @Mike Barlow does it fix your problem?

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