Topic: datatable "showing records" doesn't increment properly

Mike Barlow free asked 4 years ago

I noticed a problem in one of my data tables and was thinking I made a mistake somewhere but then noticed the same symptoms on one of your code examples:

If you go to the table and look at the last name displayed on the first page showing entries 1-10. It shows "Sonya Frost".

enter image description here

Then go to the next page which lists as showing entries 10 - 20, the data rendered is really entries 11-20 with "Jena Gaines" as the first row (not 10-20 which would have "Sonya Frost" as the first row) enter image description here

This is causing a failure in the QA (and subsequent code release to production), so is there anything I can do to patch my own code until a release fix is available?


Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 4 years ago

Thanks for reporting about the issue. I added this problem to our list of most important bugs to fix. If You want to have a fix at this moment, before the next release You will have to add the development files of Datatables to your project and make some changes in them.

Here's the broken line:

Best regards

Mike Barlow free commented 4 years ago

Thanks! I'll do that (at least this will get the app past SQA until the official patch comes out!)

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