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iparker free asked 4 years ago


I'm new to MDB and have some basis questions about the usage. Hope you can help me with this.

1.) I seen that you have different great looking templates (free and premium), for example your landing page template or your blog template. Most of them are available in a jquery version (= default bootstrap html version?).

Is it right that these templates are not available for vue? Do you plan to add more vue templates?

2.) When I'm in a vue app: How can I include a template, for example the landing page? Can you help me with this? Or the admin dashboard template? How can I include/install it into an existing app?

Thanks for some help!

Best regards,


iparker free answered 4 years ago

Hello Magdalena,

thanks a lot for your reply.

Thanks for your tip with It look great and helps me a lot!

I will ask again if I have questions/issues with the include of the admin theme.

Best regards,


Magdalena Dembna staff answered 4 years ago

Hi, JQuery version is much ahead with templates, but Vue can offer several landing pages - you can take a look at the Sections section in our demo App: - those simple layouts are available in MDB Pro package and you can find the code in our docs: But unfortunately, you cannot assume that all of the layouts available in jQ are also available in Vue - although we are planning to work on it in the future.

Including a landing page is quite simple - just copy code from the documentation, or demo folder in the ZIP file. As for MDB Vue Admin, which is not included in MDB Pro Package, it can be a bit tricky, because it's already configured as a stand-alone app. You need to decide which parts you want exactly, find the right files in the project's folder and copy them. Make sure that you've also copied all dependencies to package.json, imports to main.js and mdbvue source file (mdbvue-admin-*.tgz). If something is still not clear, don't hesitate to ask. Kind regards, Magdalena

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