Topic: Editing Calendar Plugin Add Event Modal

Zayaan free asked 1 year ago

How can we edit the content of the "Add event" modal in the Calendar plugin?

Bartosz Cylwik staff answered 1 year ago

Hi! There is no simple way to edit the content of the Add event modal, but there are few things you can do:

1) create a modal yourself and call the MDBCalendar addEvents method on submit. Just remember to pass the data as an array, for example:

      summary: "test event",
      start: {
        date: dayjs().add(1, "day").format("DD/MM/YYYY"),
        dateTime: dayjs().add(1, "day").format("DD/MM/YYYY") + " 11:00",
      end: {
        date: dayjs().add(2, "day").format("DD/MM/YYYY"),
        dateTime: dayjs().add(2, "day").format("DD/MM/YYYY") + " 11:00",
      color: {
        background: "#cfe0fc",
        foreground: "#0a47a9",

2) edit the source code yourself. Copy the code from the repository, your order or just from the node_modules and change what you need.

Best Regards!

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