Topic: How to change TreeItem dynamically in MDBTreeview

hkrhee priority asked 1 year ago

Expected behavior

I am using tree-view plugin. I want to change tree item dynamically using script. Is there any good way? (Additional question) Is there any way to change the name and order of each item?I want those items to be changeable via the contenteditable attribute and mouse click on each item. Actual behavior

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Hi!Unfortunetly, conteneditable is not working on elements of Treeview plugin. As same as modyfing elements by - for example - changing their order.

If you want to add another elements, you can simply do that - Treeview ref returns tree in HTML structure (mainListRef) and as plain array (treeNodes).

hkrhee priority commented 1 year ago

When updating MDB5 Vue in the future, could you add contenteditable and ordering options?

Thank you for your ideas! Would you like to describe them (in individual notes) in category Vue with our new option - a function request? We will implement some new demands of the users' concept, but not all of them, unfortunately. We are going to look at them.

hkrhee priority answered 1 year ago

When I define the treeview attribute ':structure' data in JSON, is it possible to expand all items? If not, I hope that this feature will be reflected in the future.

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