Topic: Is there no button group and button social ?

Titanium free asked 5 years ago

In MDB Jquery I saw there were Button groups and social buttons. But in MDB Vue I cannot find any of them. Does this mean that many of the features from mdb jquery are not present in other versions such as Vue, Angular and React ?

Jakub Strebeyko staff answered 5 years ago

Hey there Titanium, Thanks for asking this. MDB jQuery is the flagship frameworks follow. It was the first one out, nearly three years before the rest. Over the time it accumulated enormous amounts of features. Once it was ripe, the versions have been only starting out, building from the ground up. And yet, MDB Vue has yesterday reached a similar maturity level as of version 4.8.1, offering all the main MDB jQ components - awesome! Angular has been there for some time now, and React is about to join in, as well. It's all there, but now - the docs. Shall take us some time to fill in all the missing gaps and describe all the available features in the new format, with the props API and so on. Some of it is already there: Button Group Some still isn't. As of the social buttons, it is not fully documented, but please note: the component has a build in support for the mdb-icon element, accepting props such as "icon", "iconClass" (for icon styling) and "iconRight" (boolean for placing it on the right side). Pick your icon, style the button, never stop listening for clicks. Wish you all the best, Kuba

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