Topic: Lightbox controls missing on iOS devices.

chiplueck free asked 2 years ago

On iOS/Safari platforms only, the lightbox controls at the top (close, etc.) are not visible. If you touch in the area where you know they should be, they work but just can't be seen.

I don't personally have such a device, but multiple users have complained about it. I could have one of the users make a video of it happening if that would help.

Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 2 years ago

Thanks for posting an issue. We're adding it to our list of bugs and will take it into account with the next Fix Release.

Keep coding,  Mikołaj from MDB

chiplueck free commented 2 years ago

Thanks, Mikołaj. I have some more information. Looking at the source code, I see why I couldn't duplicate it using dev tools and realized it's not specific to iOS.

In the container where the buttons live, there is this: div v-if="!touchScreen" (removed as tags because they were scrubbed out of my comment initially)

The detection of touchScreen only happens when the component is mounted, so switching to different screen dimensions doesn't change the value of touchScreen.

I cloned the component, customized it to remove the evaluation of touchScreen and it works as expected (at least by my users.)

Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 2 years ago

Thanks for the tips.

Keep coding,  Mikołaj from MDB

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Specification of the issue

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  • Technology: MDB Vue
  • MDB Version: MDB4 6.7.1
  • Device: iPhone
  • Browser: Safari
  • OS: iOS
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