Topic: lot components and design patterns only available in MDB Standard is not available in Vue If try to import this through CDN some of design working properly but lot of things is not working properly

Krishpugal free asked 1 year ago

Expected behaviorenter image description hereActual behaviorenter image description hereemphasized text*_Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)_*

Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 1 year ago

Can you share your code? Also, did you use dedicated Vue components? In this form you should use MDBInput, MDBSelect, MDBRadio etc.

Keep coding!

Krishpugal free commented 1 year ago

Hi, Mikołaj Smoleński I add code and all the images below the answer can you please check and let me know.

Krishpugal free answered 1 year ago

If I use dedicated Vue components via NPM, I install MDB package through npm in my Vue project! Getting this error, project Is not running check out this below screenshot enter image description here But I properly used my Vue components! check out this below screenshot enter image description here

@Krishpugal you're still mixing Standard and Vue packages, which make it difficult to recreate an issue. Please, take a step back and create an application using our dedicated guide and then copy and paste components/layouts from the documentation.

Keep coding!

Krishpugal free answered 1 year ago

I'm using standard MDB via CDN I copy all the style and script code in my Vue project event though working like this only Expected output like this: enter image description here But input Outline missing enter image description here enter image description here Getting some error in console enter image description here

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