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Topic: mdb-btn-fixed improvement

digitalmanagerguru pro asked 9 months ago

*Expected behavior*I was expecting to have the label available, via slot or something to be able to have something like this:

enter image description here

Actual behavior

Is this something you guys have on the plans to add?

Best regards

EDIT: Is it possible to add Left and Top props. So we can position easier?

Magdalena Dembna staff premium answered 9 months ago

The example with labels is non-standard and we weren't planning on adding this option - although we will discuss it we our team. As for positioning properties, we will add them in the upcoming release. Kind regards, Magdalena

digitalmanagerguru pro commented 9 months ago

Great, thanks for the info! Btw just to help on the team decision, I would appreciate if you guys took a look at this:

Thanks again!

Magdalena Dembna staff premium commented 9 months ago

Thank you for your remarks, we will certainly take this under consideration. Regards, Magdalena

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  • User: Pro
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  • Technology: Vue
  • MDB Version: 6.3.0
  • Device: Desktop
  • Browser: Chrome
  • OS: Win.10
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