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KenHartwigsen asked 3 years ago

I have been using the MDB Stepper. It works ok for new values. However, I want to use it in edit of an existing record. When ever I am working on an existing record and modify a textbox value, the stepper or MDB wipes out the next textbox in the stepper. How can I access the JavaScript that is causing this to happen? This is the only thing that is not working and I need to get this to work. Thanks, Ken

Jakub Strebeyko staff answered 3 years ago

Hi there Ken, Thanks for reaching out! I would love to learn the details about your use case and - would be the best - a minimum reproducing code. Worth to mention: we have not developed a Stepper Vue component yet. With Best Regards, Kuba
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  • User: Free
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  • Technology: MDB Vue
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