Topic: MDB Vue PRO can't start: lint error

alek free asked 5 years ago

Hi! Yesterday I bought MDB Vue PRO but I can't launch it. With npm install and npm start, in the browser the output is: Cannot GET /

Output error inside terminal:

ERROR Failed to compile with 1 errors 

Module build failed (from ./node_modules/eslint-loader/index.js):
Error: No ESLint configuration found.
at Config.getLocalConfigHierarchy (/home/alessandro/Scrivania/testVue/node_modules/eslint/lib/config.js:255:39)
at Config.getConfigHierarchy (/home/alessandro/Scrivania/testVue/node_modules/eslint/lib/config.js:179:43)
at Config.getConfigVector (/home/alessandro/Scrivania/testVue/node_modules/eslint/lib/config.js:286:21)
at Config.getConfig (/home/alessandro/Scrivania/testVue/node_modules/eslint/lib/config.js:329:29)
at processText (/home/alessandro/Scrivania/testVue/node_modules/eslint/lib/cli-engine.js:163:33)
at CLIEngine.executeOnText (/home/alessandro/Scrivania/testVue/node_modules/eslint/lib/cli-engine.js:620:17)
at lint (/home/alessandro/Scrivania/testVue/node_modules/eslint-loader/index.js:253:17)
at Object.module.exports (/home/alessandro/Scrivania/testVue/node_modules/eslint-loader/index.js:248:21)

You may use special comments to disable some warnings.
Use // eslint-disable-next-line to ignore the next line.
Use /* eslint-disable */ to ignore all warnings in a file.

Friessen free answered 5 years ago

Im having the same problem, can someone help us

Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 5 years ago

Which version of MDB Vue are You using?

Best regards

Friessen free commented 5 years ago

The last one I downloaded it today, I think it’s 5.0.0

Friessen free commented 5 years ago

Yes it’s 5.0.0 and I downloaded it from my profile here on mdb

Jakub Strebeyko staff commented 5 years ago


Downloading -> unzipping -> installing dependencies using npm i, and running npm run demo does not bear problems on my end, except a pretty long wait using npm.

Is there anything specific on your way to the eslint warning? Are you running the demo, or rather directly implementing the package into an existing project? Or maybe eslint installed globally is causing the issue? Any details to accurately mimic your local setup are appreciated.

When everything else fails, you may always try go initialize the ESlint config file yourself with eslint --init in either the root of the app or /node_modules/.bin/eslint and see, whether that helps.

With Best Regards, Kuba

Jakub Strebeyko staff answered 5 years ago

Hi there @alek,

Thanks for reaching out! We are sniffing around to find the problem, but as of now our releases (the zipped and downloadable from the webage one & the GH repo) all seemingly have the eslintrc.js file containing the necessitated config in the directories' root.

Could you walk me through your download/install experience? I will try to trace it back step by step and see what's up.


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  • Technology: MDB Vue
  • MDB Version: 4.8.2
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  • Browser: Firefox
  • OS: Linux Manjaro
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