Petr Urban priority asked 11 months ago

Expected behavior Dear MDB, is there any possibility how to define format for only one CELL in MDBDatatable? I found the "format" property for COLUMN, but I need to change the format per ROWS or at least for only one CELL. Is there something like v-slot functionality available in your component, please?

I want e.g. make one cell with some value to be red or make the content of the cell to be link to another results.

Thanks in advance for any tip/help.

BR, Petr

Petr Urban priority answered 11 months ago

Hello, thank you for the example. The link with tag "a" it is working fine, but I would like to use "router-link" and this seems not to be working:

   row.transaction_number = "<router-link :to=\"{ name: 'transactionDetails', params: {number: "
                  + row.transaction_number + "} }\" class='text-underline'>"
                  + row.transaction_number
                  + "</router-link>"

The result page is not clickable link, but only the "transaction_number" is shown. enter image description here Thanks, Petr

Bartosz Cylwik staff commented 11 months ago

Unfortunately, datatable allows only to show simple data. Adding components as a cell data won't work.

Bartosz Cylwik staff answered 11 months ago

Hello! You can try adding html inside the rows as a data (inside dataset). With adding a class attribute you can style the element with css or js. Example of passing html inside the rows:

rows: [
    "Tiger Nixon",
    "<span class='customTD'>System Architect</span>",

I have prepared a snippet where I changed styles for rows and added custom html as a data:

I hope some of that will be helpfull. Best Regards!

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