Topic: mdbdatatable row select returns row data only on alternate clicks

Mike Barlow free asked 4 years ago

I'm using a standard mdbdatatable (not mdbdatatable-2) to render data. When the data is rendered a user can click a row to display more detailed information. The first time the user clicks on a row the selectRow returns the rownumber the user clicked on. If the user then clicks that same row again selectRow returns -1. The next time the user clicks on the same row selectRow will again return the rownumber the user clicked on. It's like there's a "toggle" select row and rowNum is available, select row again and it clears the rowNum. How can I cause the row to be "deselected" once the selectRow handler is called?


Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 4 years ago

This component is deprecated and we are not planning to make new changes in it. We strongly recommend to migrate now to the latest version, in particular because the data is downloaded and edited in the table using v-model directive and in another format, which is much easier to manipulate.

Best regards

Mike Barlow free commented 4 years ago

Thanks Mikolaj, so that means switching from the mdbdatadable to mdbdatatable-2?

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