Topic: MDBDatatable with Selectable Rows and Search - Select-UnSelect functionality.

Riva priority asked 1 year ago

I have MDBDataable implemeted which is using @selected-rows="setSelectedParticipants" for selecting the appropriate items from the table.

Everything is working fine such as:

  1. Selecting All Items
  2. Unselecting all items
  3. Selecting single/multiple items
  4. Unselecting single/multiple items

Now here comes the issue. When I am searching for an entry and then selecting my list is getting updated just fine. But the same doesn't work when I try to search an item and then unselect it. My list doesn't reflect that.

My Question: Is there any event being emitted which will allow me to capture the uncheck event and process the unchecked item so that I can update my list ?

Bartosz Cylwik staff answered 1 year ago

Hello! Yes there seem to be an issue with the selected-rows emit when the data rows are beeing filtered by search. Unfortunatelly I don't think there is any other event that could help. row-click is firing on row click, but it do not react on checkbox click.

Sorry for that. I have added this to our to-fix list.

Best Regards!

Riva priority commented 1 year ago

I would also like to mention that while searching the previously selected items disappear from the array that hold the selections (not user defined). Thats why it's difficult to update the user defined selection array based on the new selection array.

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