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digitalmanagerguru free asked 4 years ago

On the input.vue you are using an label html for labeless checkbox, why?!


because I was now adding a label:

                        <label for="terms" class="form-check-label"><a :href="trans('label.terms.url')" target="_blank">{{ trans('label.terms.text') }}</a></label>

and there is now 2 labels rendered on the final html.

I don't see why the need of that label for labeless checkbox.

I'll bypass with some css the layout issue, but I would appreciate to know the reasons for that labeless and would be great if we could bypass it. Would be better if we set :label="false"

Best regards

Magdalena Dembna staff commented 4 years ago

Thank you for this remark. We are currently planning major refactors for our components and checkbox will be one of them - we will certainly take your suggestion under consideration. Best regards, Magdalena

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