Topic: MDBVUE editable table having some issues to solve

modadvisor free asked 3 years ago

Hi Sir

I am trying to use mdbVUE theme editable table but i am stuck in two or more issues. can you please help me for below issue? I have already checked the documentation but i am not able to found the answer so i try to request your help.

1) How can i disable specific column for edit disabled ?

2) I can not able to remove "sort" column from editable table?

3) How can i change last column content for example last column header is "Remove" column it is having remove button i want to edit button name and also add some other buttons.

4) There is plus button above editable table i want to remove or modify that button and add action in that button please.

please help with above questions asap.
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modadvisor free commented 3 years ago

Dear sir

Any update ? Thank you

Magdalena Dembna staff answered 3 years ago

Hi, Unfortunately, this component has its limitations - as it's not a built-in option, you can try to disable editing for selected columns this way:

mounted() {
    // Disable rows
    this.$nextTick(() => document.querySelectorAll('#my-table-editor table tbody tr').forEach(row => {
      row.querySelectorAll('td').forEach((cell, i) => {
        if (i < 2) {

As for the other options - this component doesn't support those features - all available options are listed in the API tab.

You may be interested in our newest plugin in pure JavaScript for MDB5: - although we are not sure when its Vue version is going to be available.

Best regards, Magdalena

modadvisor free commented 3 years ago

@Magdalena Dembna thanks for your answer. but can you please provide me custom vue component for editable table ? so i can integrate in my app and ableto customize it according to my requirements ?

Thank you

Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 3 years ago

We can provide custom components only as an additional paid service. Are You interested?

Best regards

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