Topic: Tab Content Cut out when inside Stepper

Riva priority asked 6 months ago

*Expected behavior*Tab content is fully shown

*Actual behavior*Tab content is only partially shown. The content will be shown on any sort of resize though (i.e zooming in or out).

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

One workaround we found was to force a re-render which is not ideal...

   <MDBStepper ref="btnStepper">
 <MDBStepperStep active>
   <MDBStepperHead icon="1">
     Step 1
      <!-- Tabs navs -->
      <MDBTabNav tabs-classes="mb-3 text-center">
                    >Small Content Tab</MDBTabItem
        <MDBTabPane tab-id="ex6-1">
          <MDBInput label="just one input"></MDBInput>
      <!-- Tabs content -->

enter image description here

Mateusz Trochonowicz staff answered 5 months ago

Hi, you got to publish snippet if you want to anyone see it! Anyway I recreated this case and cannot see where is the problem - check out my snippet. Furtheremore Input in Tabs and Stepper working properly with resizing notch (but like I have mentioned in previous ticket, we will look into this case!).

Keep coding!

Riva priority commented 5 months ago

Hi, sorry about that! I published it now.

Mateusz Trochonowicz staff commented 5 months ago

Oh, I see now. Yeah, you are right, something is wrong with initial render visibility / height of component. We will also check this out!

jammerxd2 priority commented 5 months ago

I found that by applying style="height:max-content" to the MDBStepperContent component, the vertical height is fine and everything renders correctly (even with dynamic loading content)

Mateusz Trochonowicz staff commented 5 months ago

Thanks, jammerxd2! We will check this out!

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