Topic: Toggle Sidenav when click on the nav-item

Tenarius free asked 4 years ago

I want the Sidenav 2 to be toggled/closed when I click on an nav-item.

Is there a simple possibility/api to do that?

Allabreve free commented 4 years ago

have you thought about using "expandOnHover"?

Magdalena Dembna staff answered 4 years ago

We are currently working on improving @itemClick events - so in the future, they could be used for those purposes. Unfortunately, right now I cannot give the specific date then this update will be out. Although, if you're using router-links, there is a very simple solution you can use:

  watch: {
    $route() { = false;

By adding this watcher, you hide the side nav every time the route changes.

If you don't want to toggle side nav on every item click and just add a toggler within, you can try using a content (below items) or content-header (above) slot and create your toggler there. Let me know if any of those solutions were useful. Best regards, Magdalena

Tenarius free commented 4 years ago

This one works for me. Tank you!

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