Topic: `vue add mdb5 error with generated token

jffrystn premium asked 2 years ago

? Free or Pro version? Pro? Please enter your gitlab token: TOKEN? Add Roboto font? Yes? Add Font Awesome 5? Yes? Select the styling option: Editable in your project (SCSS)? Add MDB welcome page? Yes

🚀 Invoking generator for vue-cli-plugin-mdb5...📦 Installing additional dependencies...

npm ERR! code 128npm ERR! command failednpm ERR! command git --no-replace-objects ls-remote ERR! remote: You are not allowed to download code.npm ERR! fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:npm ERR! /Users/jeff/.npm/_logs/2022-03-08T14_28_20_871Z-debug.log ERROR command failed: npm install --loglevel error --legacy-peer-depsjeffs-MBP:adept.mdbootstrap-starter jeff$ vpn-connectbash: vpn-connect: command not foundjeffs-MBP:adept.mdbootstrap-starter jeff$

Mikołaj Smoleński staff commented 2 years ago

@jffrystn we checked your access rights and it looks ok. Are you sure your gitlab token is correct? Maybe try to generate it again?

Keep coding,  Mikołaj from MDB

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