blondie63 priority asked 3 years ago

Hi, still no updated MDB version for Angular 11 Is there a plan to release it ? (v12 is coming...) :(

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 3 years ago

The matter of updating to Angular 11 is currently being discussed by the development team.

A majority of MDB Standard users transferred to MDB5 and we recently released an MDB5 version for Angular 11 so there is a possibility that MDB4 won't be updated to Angular 11.

Nevertheless, it's too soon to say - in case that we decide to update MDB4 to Angular 11 this will be included in our changelog and all users will get proper migration instructions.

blondie63 priority commented 3 years ago

I honestly didn't know about this "MDB5 version for Angular 11", can you give me the link?On your site I see this page: where, however, Angular is not mentioned, can you make a clarification?

ps. is there a migration path from mdb angular and mdb5 angular ?

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 3 years ago

You can find the MDB5 Angular documentation here:

MDB5 Angular is now available in alpha version. This is an entirely new product and unfortunately, the migration will not be as easy as with a standard major update. We try to make using the library as simple as possible for users familiar with MDB4, but it is not always possible. When we add more components, we will definitely prepare a guide showing the differences between MDB5 and MDB4 to help with migrations.

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