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tano pro asked 4 years ago

Expected behavior

Actual behavior Every page injects the same styles and it causes display issues in my application. You can see it on the angular pro admin app. Shifting the pages new style tags added with the same contents. And this is why you import core/_global scss into multiple scss and the global contains rules not just attributes. For me the .hoverable causes the problem and somehow this class is above .card during the second injection. You should load classes only one time.


Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

Damian Gemza staff commented 4 years ago

Dear @tano

It's hard to import only one time variables when our styles are placed in components. So every component needs to import the same variables because, without them, it won't compile.

Could you please show me your problems? With some screenshots or movies? Also, the code will be helpful too.

Best Regards,


tano pro commented 4 years ago

Dear @Damian Gemza

the global.scss contains css classes, no variables. I could manage to resolve to override the cards to mdb-card. If you have former version of dashboardpro, you can add hoverable to stat-cards on dashboards, go to other pages than back. With mdb-card it works since the component contains .card classes, so hoverable is not get preference. So it is not an issue right know, but i think this file should be loaded only in mdb.scss since it inject the same rules over and over again and it is unnecessary.

thank you,


Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 4 years ago

Thank you for the details. We will take a closer look and see what we can do about that.

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