Topic: [Angular] time-picker can't set placeholder time or bind

Revature Pro priority asked 4 years ago

Angular's mdb-time-picker component won't render when I set a placeholder time. Also having difficulty w/data binding to the time component. The date component seems to be fine. I'm using the 12-hour clock and the dark theme if that helps. I am also styling the date and time picker as follows:
.picker__calendar-container, .picker__date-display, clockpicker-am-pm-block, .darktheme .picker__box { background-color: $primary-color-dark !important; } <<<

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 4 years ago

Dear mary.carns, I tried to recreate the problem but everything seems to work properly. I need a bit more information to help you. Could you show me any code samples/screenshots? Also are there any errors in your console? What is the exact problem with data binding? Best, Arek

Revature Pro priority commented 4 years ago

Thanks Arek. The time picker is in a modal and the placeholder is bound to a variable. The variable shows when the time picker is not clicked, but when clicked the clock defaults to 12:00PM and not to the variable like I expected. I have tried to put in a default time in the time picker and the page won't load, I get an "unexpected token" error when I try to put in a default time as 9:00AM or 9AM. I am using the 12-hour clock, and the data that's being referenced is also using a 12-hour time format. I've been using "today" as placeholder in the date picker, by contrast, and that works like it should (defaults to today). I hope that helps explain, thanks.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 4 years ago

Dear mary.carns, Looks like I misunderstood your first post. There are some problems with that behaviour that we need to fix. Thanks for reporting them. Best, Arek

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