Topic: Angular Vertical Slider

MikeOnline priority asked 4 years ago

Where is the Vertical Slider control for the Angular library? Is there one available, I thought I had seem a demo of it or am I confused? If I can just pass in a parameter to swich the orientation, what is it?


MikeOnline priority commented 4 years ago

Oh No, ...looks like I was also confusing with the Angular Material one (

I think I have found the MDB demo; an example on the Jquery multi-range slider:

But there does not seem to be any functionality for the Angular library that I can find from poking around in the source :P.

Is this something that is limited to the jQuery version? - if so seems a bit rich to hobble the Angular et. al. version while charging the same for them.. :(

Please tell me i'm wrong and there IS a super secret extra option to change the slider orientation! :)

Konrad Stępień staff commented 4 years ago

Hi @MikeOnline,

I don't think we have such an example in the documentation. But could you please tell us exactly what example you would like to see in a vertical position?

I think It will not be hard to set styles via SCSS to transform slider to the vertical position from horizontal :)

MikeOnline priority commented 4 years ago

Hi Konrad, What I was after was something like the Angular Material slider. ( you just put "vertical" in the component and it is drawn top-to-bottom and not left-to-right. I really want to use both vertical and horizontal sliders. Any suggestions? Thanks Mike.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 4 years ago

Currently, we don't have support for the vertical mode in the slider component. We will add this feature to our nice-to-have list and discuss it with our design team.

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