Topic: Bug in #dev repo?

Alberto pro asked 4 years ago

Hi I have installed the dev version and in the console now i get ths error ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'toggle' of undefined this seems to be the culprit. --> this.body.toggle(this.collapsed); Object.defineProperty(exports, "__esModule", { value: true }); var sb_item_body_1 = __webpack_require__("./node_modules/ng-mdb-pro/pro/accordion/components/sb-item.body.ts"); var sb_config_1 = __webpack_require__("./node_modules/ng-mdb-pro/pro/accordion/components/sb.config.ts"); var SBItemComponent = (function () { function SBItemComponent() { this.collapsed = true; this.squeezebox = sb_config_1.sbConfig.serviceInstance; } SBItemComponent.prototype.ngAfterViewInit = function () { this.body.toggle(this.collapsed); }; SBItemComponent.prototype.toggle = function (collapsed) { this.squeezebox.didItemToggled(this); this.applyToggle(collapsed); }; SBItemComponent.prototype.applyToggle = function (collapsed) { this.collapsed = collapsed; this.body.toggle(collapsed); }; return SBItemComponent; }()); exports.SBItemComponent = SBItemComponent; //# sourceURL=[module] //# sourceMappingURL=data:application/json;charset=utf-

Damian Gemza staff answered 4 years ago

Hello Alberto, Could you provide me reproduction steps? Best Regards, Damian

Alberto pro commented 4 years ago

Hi Damian, Not sure I can as I would have to send you my entire project. I am using the hidden sidenav with fixed navbar. I think it's something in the next release code base because if i use the non dev release it does not happen. I am using the dev release because if i have the mdbRippleRadius class on menus they don't close and apparently it also override the click event. The new code looks like it fixes it.

Damian Gemza staff commented 4 years ago

Alberto I need only reproduction steps to achieve your case on my project. I tried to reproduce it - copied code from docs and ng serve, and for me, everyting is working fine. I am always using dev branch source code, because I'm dev. Without any reproduction steps I'm unable to help you. Best Regards, Damian

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