Topic: Clear CRUD Example Using MdbFormsModule

SegalWhenIConsider priority asked 1 year ago

Expected behavior MDB should have an example-of and documentation for using MdbFormsModule. Actual behavior From, when I enter "MdbFormsModule" as search criteria, no results. From, I get about 4 results, but nothing helpful.

In several other MDB website searching for MdbFormsModule, yield no results.

I'm looking for examples of using the Angular and MdbFormsModule. Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.) , Basic form example showing Typescript and Angular, with coding to get and set form values, including set/get values for the date picker, using MdbFormsModule.

Is there any clear documentation for MdbFormsModule? If so, which URL?

If there a clear example for using Angular forms (using MdbFormsModule)? If so, where can I find it?

You can find more information about the MdbFormsModule and its options in our documentation:

This module contains only component and directives that allow you to create a material outline input with a dynamic label position. To set/get input values, you need to use Angular form controls (template driven or reactive forms).

You can find more information in official Angular docuemntation:

SegalWhenIConsider priority commented 1 year ago

Actually, where is the documentation about MdbFormsModule ? The link that you gave me a link to "Input Fields", not MdbFormsModule.

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