Topic: Datepicker breaking input field with error "TypeError: date.getDay is not a function"

jasonh priority asked 2 years ago

Expected behavior Form input field should load value from variable bound with [(ngModel)] and become the default value for the date picker.

Actual behavior When [mdbDatepicker] is applied to the input field, the input field does not load the value and the date picker does not display properly. If [mdbDatepicker] is removed, the input field works properly.

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.) Here is relevant section of html:

                        <label mdbLabel for="editDateBox" class="form-label">{{data.display_hint}}</label>
                        <mdb-datepicker #datepicker="mdbDatepicker" [format]="'yyyy-mm-dd'"></mdb-datepicker>

data.value is a string property containing a valid date in "yyyy-mm-dd" format.

As the code is written above, when the form opens the input field is blank, and the following error is displayed in the browser console:

core.mjs:6402 ERROR TypeError: date.getDay is not a function
    at getDayNumber (mdb-angular-ui-kit-datepicker.mjs:25:17)
    at MdbDatepickerComponent._updateHeaderDate (mdb-angular-ui-kit-datepicker.mjs:787:21)
    at MdbDatepickerComponent._applyInputDate (mdb-angular-ui-kit-datepicker.mjs:1043:14)
    at (mdb-angular-ui-kit-datepicker.mjs:778:18)
    at (Subscriber.js:91:33)
    at SafeSubscriber._next (Subscriber.js:60:26)
    at (Subscriber.js:31:18)
    at Subject.js:34:30
    at errorContext (errorContext.js:19:9)
    at (Subject.js:27:21)

Clicking on the input field displays a broken date picker: enter image description here

And an additional error:

core.mjs:6402 ERROR TypeError: date2.setHours is not a function
    at isSameDate (mdb-angular-ui-kit-datepicker.mjs:95:11)
    at MdbDatepickerDayViewComponent._isSameDate (mdb-angular-ui-kit-datepicker.mjs:302:16)
    at MdbDatepickerDayViewComponent_tr_6_td_1_Template (mdb-angular-ui-kit-datepicker.mjs:309:1063)
    at executeTemplate (core.mjs:11919:9)
    at refreshView (core.mjs:11782:13)
    at refreshEmbeddedViews (core.mjs:12875:17)
    at refreshView (core.mjs:11806:9)
    at refreshEmbeddedViews (core.mjs:12875:17)
    at refreshView (core.mjs:11806:9)
    at refreshComponent (core.mjs:12921:13)

However, if I then manually type a valid date in the input field, and click the field again, the datepicker displays properly and no error occurs.

If I remove [mdbDatepicker]="datepicker" then the input field loads with the value from data.value without any issue.

Is this a bug in datepicker, or how can I troubleshoot this?

jasonh priority commented 2 years ago

After some additional testing, it seems the problem is not necessarily the datepicker, but something else within MDB.

If I setup the input with type "text" and no [mdbDatePicker] (and not within a and no or anything - just a plain input box):

Then the value populates and displays properly.

If I take the above and change the type to "date", still without [mdbDatePicker] or any other controls:

Then when the page loads, I can see the input box display with the value for a split second, then the box appears blank. But then the value suddenly appears after I click in the box.

With both of these tests, no error messages come up in the browser console.

So it seems the input field is loading properly, but something is causing it to hide after loading. None of the other fields do this, only the date ones.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 2 years ago

What is the value in the data.value property? The date picker directive expects value of type Date (js date object) from ngModel (and it returns date in such a format).

jasonh priority commented 2 years ago

data.value is a string with a date in "yyyy-mm-dd" format (e.g. "2022-07-22")

So I can't simply give it a string, it has to be a Date object? I don't see that mentioned anywhere in the documentation?

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 2 years ago

The directive only accepts the Date object type, we will check the documentation page and add necessary updates if this information is missing.

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