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tano pro asked 4 years ago


I have a datepicker. My relevant initial options are.

startDate: '2019-10-13, closeAfterSelect: true

this cause : this.documentClickFun is not a function, due to in selectDate this method still not initialized.



Bartosz Termena staff commented 4 years ago

Dear @tano

Could you provide more of your code? I can not reproduce your problem. Best Regards, Bartosz.

tano pro answered 4 years ago


I don't have any special set up. I have a custom option i which I set the followings: in ts.

options: IMyOptions = {startDate: '2019-10-13', closeAfterSelect: true}

in html

<mdb-date-picker [options]="options" ></mdb-date-picker>

The problem is if I set closeAfterSelect to true it cannot close picker since it is not opened after initialization, but the init process and the date selection use the same selectDate method. I have a workaround, I set clickAfterSelect after the view inited and it works as expected, but it is a hack.



Bartosz Termena staff commented 4 years ago

Hi! To be sure - which version of MDB are you using? In my example (copy, paste your code above), everything works as it should (open date picker -> select date -> automatically close after select). Best Regards, Bartosz.

tano pro commented 4 years ago

latest. Works of course, but I have an error on console after initialization.

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