[double navigation] sidenav opens when opening the Devtools (console window, etc.)


I am still using the 6.1.2 version official. I use the double navigation. But I set on my

mdb-sidenav a breakpoint:


so that, my sidenav hides away when clicking outside of it.

The problem I am facing now, is that whenever I open the devtool window (CTRL+SHIFT+I on windows for Chrome), then the sidenav opens (and I am in the sidenav bug again when it stays open) without beeing able to close it by clicking away.

Is it a know issue ?

Damian Gemza commented 4 months ago

Dear Alain,
Could you please provide me some reproductions steps? I don't know that bug.
Please give me more information about your case.
Best Regards,

alain.deurveilher@gmail.com commented 4 months ago

Please check my other response with link to a demo app and an gif showing the problem.

Thank you.

i had a similar problem.

i think there is a small bug in the angular mdb template for fixed double navigation in responsive mode.

my solution was to add the showOverlay function to the slide-out button click:

<!-- SideNav slide-out button -->
<div class="float-left">
  <a (click)="sidenav.show(); sidenav.showOverlay();" class="button-collapse"><i class="fa fa-bars"></i></a>
<!--/. SideNav slide-out button -->

the disadvantage of this solution is that you have to click again on the overlay after clicking a link in the navigation...

Damian Gemza answered 4 months ago


That's bug, but easy to fix. There was problem with type of sidenavBreakpoint variable.

If you're using version with editable typescripts files, please open pro/sidenav/sidenav.component.ts file, and add " + " sign before every this.sidenavBreakpoint line.

If you're using version from GitLab, please install library from dev branch, because there's fix for this situation.

Best Regards,


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