Topic: How to autofocus an input field after modal popup

Bakke premium asked 6 months ago

Expected behavior Input autofocuses cursor after modal finishes animating into view.

Actual behavior Input receives autofocus while the modal is moving, but disappears after modal stops moving.

I have applied the autofocus property to the input like I do on other forms that I need autofocus-on-load and those work as expected, however there seems to be some sort of view/content refresh after the modal finishes moving into position that is overriding the autofocus that I have applied in the AfterViewInit lifecycle hook, shown here:

ngAfterViewInit(): void {
// Autofocus the dealer code field upon page load.

focusDealerCode() {

I can see the field gain the focus as the modal moves down, so I know the above code is being called when the modal is created, but I am unsure how to re-focus on the input after the modal "refreshes" the view when it has moved into position. Is there another lifecycle hook I should be hooking into that is different for modals vs a normal web page component?

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 6 months ago

As a workaround you can try to use a setTimeout function that will focus the input after 351ms (after this time, the modal should be fully rendered).

  ngOnInit(): void {
    setTimeout(() => {
      // focus input
    }, 351);

We will take a closer look at this problem and see what we can do to make it easier to change the element that will be focused on modal init.

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