Topic: I cant use drag and drop module

cuau priority asked 8 months ago

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i try tu use:

import { MdbDragAndDropModule } from 'mdb-drag-and-drop';


import { MdbDragAndDropModule } from 'mdb-angular-drag-and-drop';

didnt work,

I install like this link say :

Please i need support.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 8 months ago

Did the plugin install correctly and no errors occurred during installation? Could you please check and confirm that the package has been correctly added to node_modules?

Ryannnnn priority answered 7 months ago

this worked for me...

you can find the overview here

in a terminal, in the root of your Angular project:

npm i git+https://oauth2:[ACCESS_TOKEN]

you can get your ACCESS_TOKEN by logging into

and then in your app.module.ts file, you can import the plugin like this...

import { MdbDragAndDropModule } from 'mdb-angular-drag-and-drop';
imports: [

and now in your component's HTML, the Drag and Drop is accesable:

<div mdbSortableContainer class="sortable-list" (itemDrop)="onDrop($event)">
<div mdbDraggable *ngFor="let item of items" class="sortable-item">
    <h2>hi, {{ item.title }}</h2>

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