Topic: Make Popconfirm work without any html element

shellxsoftware priority asked 11 months ago

Basically when you open a popconfirm you need the HTML element which is opening it (usually a button). But the parameter cannot be nulled: what if we want to open a popconfirm modal without any HTML element ? So we can open one on the fly without event.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 11 months ago

@shellxsoftware It might be a good idea to make the target parameter optional for the modal display mode. We will discuss that with our design team and consider adding to the library in the near future.

shellxsoftware priority commented 11 months ago

any news?any news?any news?

Mbanolas premium commented 10 months ago

An alternative could be to add the code of popconfirm, add class d-none to hide it and then to launch a click event

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 10 months ago

@shellxsoftware This problem was fixed in v1.6.0, the target parameter is now optional in modal mode, you should be able to open the popconfirm using this syntax:

open(component, undefined, config)

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