Topic: MDB CLI create a projet Angular 7 and no Angular 9

lehardy free asked 4 years ago


I try to create a new project with angular 9. The problem is the projet i created with a mdb CLI is in angular 7. My angular CLI is the last version.

Why mdb cli create an angular 7 version ? How i can update my project in angular 9 or how i can update my MDB CLI with angular 9 ?

My ng-uikit-pro-standard is a version 7.2.0 maybe is for that ? How i can update this package too ?

Thank you in advance for you support.


Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 4 years ago

Do you want to create blank new project and add MDB to it or update existing project with MDB from v7 to v8?

If you create a new project with ng new project-name command and you receive Angular v7 project, then it must be an issue with your Angular CLI version. Please make sure to install CLI v8 globally.

If you want to update existing project, please take a look at this guides, you can find useful information there:

MDB update instructions:

Migration guide (from v7 to v8):

lehardy free commented 4 years ago


I've tried 2 ways.

1) Install project with MDB CLI, not with Angular CLI. And the MDB CLI install the projet in version 7. (My angular CLI in global is in v9)

2) Update angular project in following the guide in but there are a problem with registry mdboostrap.

In fact i dont understand why the MDB CLI install a projet in Angular 7 and no in Angular 9.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 4 years ago

It look like there is a problem with MDB CLI, we need to add some updates to this tool. For now please use different approach.

If you want to update existing project to v8 (we don't support Angular 9 yet) please use ng update command to update Angular version and read our migration guide to update MDB files correctly, because there were some breaking changes in our library as well. If there is a problem with mdbootstrap registry when you try to use ng update, please remove the code responsible for installing MDB Angular from your package.json, run ng update and add it back after Angular update.

You can find our migration guide here:

This instructions might be helpful if you don't know how to update MDB version:

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