Topic: mdb-select - when [multiple] changes after init, component is broken

ECKD GmbH priority asked 2 years ago

Expected behavior

[multiple] flag can be changed without rerenderering the whole component

Actual behavior

When [multiple] is changed after the mdb-select was initialized, the cdk SelectModel won't be reinitialized or multiple flag on the model isn't updated.

As a workaround we have to rerender the whole component, which leads to flickering and unnecessary execution of initialization logic.

Without manual rerendering (BROKEN):

enter image description here

With manual rerendering (how it should work when multiple changes): enter image description here

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 2 years ago

This is expected behavior. As you mentioned, single and multiple select uses a different data model, therefore their functionality is completely different. It would be impossible for us to manage current selections on the fly when the multiple mode changes dynamically.

In this case we recommend using ngSwitch or ngIf to create different templates for single and multiple mode:

<mdb-select *ngIf="!isMultiple"></mdb-select>

<mdb-select *ngIf="isMultiple" [multiple]="true"></mdb-select>

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