Topic: mdbPopoverHeader not populating text

appresearcher free asked 4 years ago

I used a popover in an angular project. Everything was setup correctly and the popover worked. However, the mdbPopoverHeader did not populate. Every other element populated correctly and the popover opened and closed as expected.

<div class="md-form" style="margin-left:2vw;" mdbPopover="Enter the name of a business and search..."
                         placement="top" mdbPopoverHeader="Next Step" #pop="bs-mdbPopover" mdbWavesEffect>

appresearcher free commented 4 years ago

Found the problem. For me, the div that the popover was attached to had a dark background and a white color (text). The popover has a white background and needs a darker text to show up. I simply created an additional wrapper and set it's color to "navy" and the title popped into view.

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