Topic: multiselect clicked item checked status

ASOKUMAR IT free asked 1 year ago

Expected behavior In mdb-select-2 with multiple=true, how to get the current clicked item's checked status?

PS: (changed)="valueChanged($event)" from your doc doesn't work. Actual behavior

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

It looks like there is a typo in the documentation. The correct name of this event is (valueChange). We will update the select API page.

ASOKUMAR IT free commented 1 year ago

I tried valueChange but still I get only the value;; I want the status of the clicked item - whether it is checked or unchecked.

ASOKUMAR IT free commented 1 year ago

Your document for multi-select is incomplete. Also, why do you have two different events, selected and deselected? both have different return values. It's very confusing when it comes to (deselected) event. When I select only 1 item then deselect doesn't give any value but if I unselect then it returns array of selected and unselected.. why can't it return the clicked item's checked status?

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