parallax initialisation in single page application on multip

Topic: parallax initialisation in single page application on multiply pages

vitticeps asked 3 years ago


I have a singe-page-application websites... 4 pages and all 4 of them are using parallax. If I set the anchor href attribute - then obviously it reloads the site each time... (so parallax gets initialised and it is working fine).. However since I changed href to routerLink... so it does not reload the page - parallax is not working. Even its css does not apply on the image.

Any suggestion welcome :)

vitticeps answered 3 years ago

npm install ng2-parallaxscroll --save

I checked the website for documentation of parallax.. and.... a little bit misleading.

On the angular docs - what you provide is not working. What you present as 'live demo' is not angular.. The suggestions you give - put the cdn link in is a bit awkward when it is in angular. Checking other documentation in Sections... a bit different but still not working.

The working one I found (i'm with angular) was with jQuery... how to put the html together to have the effect - after adding the cdn links to the head tags..

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 3 years ago

Dear vitticeps,

We need to investigate the problems you mentioned and update the parallax documentation with more advanced examples. As you can see, currently for Angular version we have only a basic example that use approach with fixed background attachment. That can be insufficient for cases similar to yours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

An example of html/ts code you tried to use to make it work will be very helpful in the process of debugging this problem.

vitticeps commented 3 years ago

Dont need to say sorry. I am not judging or against you :) I love your product and trying to help / highlight issues - or show workarounds to other users like me.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 3 years ago

Please send a html/ts code on which we will be able to debug the problem mentioned in the first post. If it's possible you can send a demo app to

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