Topic: Route content render behind nav bars

Nico Nel free asked 4 years ago

Expected behavior Route Component's content should show in main body

Actual behavior When navigating to the route it's hidden behind the sidebar On re-freshening it show where it should

Resources (screenshots, code snippets etc.)

app component:

<app-main-navigation></app-main-navigation> <main> <router-outlet></router-outlet> </main>

app-main-navigation component: (Code copied from basic usage of sidenav, only change is adding router link)

<mdb-accordion-item-head mdbWavesEffect routerLink="myroute">


<div class="container-fluid mt-5"> <h1>hello world...can you see me now?????</h1> </div> enter image description here

Nico Nel free answered 4 years ago

I copied all over again from a sample on your documentation

For some reason it seems to be ok now without adding css (even though it's fixed)

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 4 years ago

You can add padding-left: 240px rule to your main content, we explained that in the documentation:

Nico Nel free commented 4 years ago

That's no good. The content just shift to a different location . (visible in both, but different in both)

Cannot find an example of a working angular 8 fixed sidebar/navbar here..

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