Topic: Snackbar that takes data?

appresearcher free asked 4 years ago

In Angular Material, we created a component called "snackbar". It's the typical HTML, .ts, .scss, and .spec.ts. We launch in in the following way...

import { MatSnackBar } from '@angular/material/snack-bar'; …. constructor( public snackBar: MatSnackBar)

async asyncSnackBar(id: number, delay: number) { //delay of 1000 is one second await this.globals.delay(delay); this.snackBar.openFromComponent(SnackbarComponent, {data : id, duration: 4000}); }

We use this in dozens of places in our website. I assume you don't have anything like it. If we import JUST this angular snackbar library, will it cause conflicts with your MDB libraries? We are going through a week-long effort to migrate from Material completely to MDB to try to fix a problem where iOS devices can't click on your buttons. This is very important and costly to fix but we can't spend a month writing a custom object to replace our snackbars. Our choice based on your answer will be to either fully embrace MDB or fully abandon it. Thanks.

Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff answered 4 years ago

Unfortunately, we currently don't have snackbar component in our library. We can't assure you that adding components from other libraries to your project won't cause any problems, because we're unable to test our library with every other component library (and in different configurations).

Every Angular component has its own scope so there shouldn't be any problems with how the components works. However, both MDB and Material use some global styles, so there may be some conflicts in styles.

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