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Jan Louw pro asked 4 years ago


I'm looking into getting the "Active Tag" display content using the 'getActiveTab' method. The documentation reference the EventEmitter, but no details on the content thereof.

In short, I'm looking at displaying additional information based on the Tab Text.

Any suggestion/help will be appreciated.


Arkadiusz Idzikowski staff commented 4 years ago

Can you provide more details about the problem? You need to add this output (getActiveTab)="onGetActiveTab($event)" to the <mdb-tabset> and then in your ts file create implementation for onGetActiveTab method:

`onGetActiveTab(event: any) { console.log(event) }

Jan Louw pro commented 4 years ago


Thank you for your suggestions - I've managed to determine the index of the active tab, and could thus process the record associate with it. Regards


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